I stumbled into this business while hunting furniture for our 1st home 20 years ago. While frequenting antique stores, estate sales and garage sales I started putting names to the familiar faces that I was seeing each week. Once our home was furnished, I still had an urge to hunt for treasures.  I soon learned that you can’t sleep in on Fridays and Saturdays or my new friends would find the treasures first and I would find the leftovers that were old and cheap and typically brown. I began filling the garage with my weekly finds and would invite my new friends to come and buy from me.

The unique and rare would sell! The ugly old, brown, cheap and common pieces began to take up residency in the garage forcing the wife’s jeep out.

Lesson learned. What happened was, I would see potential in a piece and think “all you need to do is” and I would buy it. Over time, that piece would have an extended stay in the garage or a storage unit and would ultimately become crap that no one wanted. If you’ve been antiquing, you have probably seen shops, malls, flea markets and antique shows that are full of these ugly, old, brown common pieces that nobody wants.

I have learned over the last 20 years that the rare, unusual, sought-out treasures that I “splurge” on are the first things that sell. I will continue to hold out for the pieces that spaces are designed around and that have stories.