As a Lighting Designer I take great measures in creating Fixtures that transform the space in which they are installed. My Custom Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces and Lamps are designed from rare “unexpected” finds. By unexpected I mean that the designs are not traditional. I don’t follow the rules of a lighting showroom. At Splurge by Robert Nicholas our gallery is a feast for the sences. Upon entering Splurge clients are imediately drawn to the collection of unique custom lighting and one of a kind antique furnishings and vintage decor.

Typical questions at Splurge are; What is that made from? Where do you find these things?

Many of our clients come to Splurge because they want a custom light fixture that no one else will have and that sets an ambient mood to there space. Many of the savvy designers that we work with come to Splurge because their clients want one of a kind custom lighting. We design our Chandeliers, Pendants and Scones with multiple clusters and designer bulbs that accentuate the fixture.

We have made Fixtures of all sizes from small pendants to extra large 20′ – 40′. Splurge Lighting has the capability to of getting fixtures UL approved for commercial and new builds.