Ever been in a restaraunt or a space that stimulated all your senses? As soon as you walk in it hits you…..the aroma of freshly prepared offerings, your taste buds begins to water, the music is pleasantly alluring, you reach for a drink or a fork as your eyes feast on the atmoshere of the uniquely blended decor accented by dramatic custom lighting that glows with a welcoming wonderment of “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Rutledge Cab Company, Charleston SC. http://rutledgecabco.com

Clients come to us because they want fixtures that no one else will have. We focus on the un-presumed. We design fixtures that spaces are created around. We specialize in main event fixtures that are reimagined from what they were intended.

Storm Rhum Bar, Asheville NC. http://stormrhumbar.com

It’s often easy to source fixtures from companies that manufacture overseas. They can be beautiful the first time you see them. Before long you see them over and over again in commercial as well as residential installations. Being in the industry I see interesting fixtures being copied by other like companies with some slight changes and before too long the market is flooded with what began as an interesting design leaving the spaces looking bland and blended.

If your going to spend time and money on lighting and decor be sure to ask yourself, do I want to blend in or stand out? There is no wrong answer.

Some good sources for blending in would be Ikea, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Arteriors and most companies that are NOT made in USA.