How Custom Lighting Transforms A Space


As a Lighting Designer I take great measures in creating Fixtures that transform the space in which they are installed. My Custom Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces and Lamps are designed from rare “unexpected” finds. By unexpected I mean that the designs are not traditional. I don’t follow the rules of a lighting showroom. At Splurge by……

God and Antiques


I was walking by a large building that was being cleared out. Men were making piles with the “rubbish” that was coming out of the building to be burned. In the piles were amazing architectual columns, mantles, windows and porch balustrates from turn of the century homes. They had multiple layers of paint crackled in……

Surface Matters


I have always loved “natural, time-worn antique surfaces.” Basically, it’s the natural wear on an antique that comes from use and love over a long period of time and turns a piece from drab to fabulous. I’ve always admired the grannies that painted, repainted and painted furniture again to give it a fresh look. Time,……

Just Because It’s Old…


I stumbled into this business while hunting furniture for our 1st home 20 years ago. While frequenting antique stores, estate sales and garage sales I started putting names to the familiar faces that I was seeing each week. Once our home was furnished, I still had an urge to hunt for treasures.  I soon learned that……

Modern Folk

Up cycled jeans

Finding your decorative style can be challenging. There’s a desire to be progressive, edgy, current, hip and comfortable. There has been a huge resurgence to mid century modern style, the classic lines of a time that was simple yet progressive. The era was a huge shift from formal and boring.

Custom Lighting: Appeal to the Senses


Ever been in a restaraunt or a space that stimulated all your senses? As soon as you walk in it hits you…..the aroma of freshly prepared offerings, your taste buds begins to water, the music is pleasantly alluring, you reach for a drink or a fork as your eyes feast on the atmoshere of the……

Antiques: Redefined.


My name has been associated with antiques since I was a boy. Growing up with traditional fine early antiques, I often heard “Robert! Dont touch! Get away from that, it’s antique!”

Mom was the only one who could touch our antiques,……



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